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GRILLFLAME is an independent messageboard, dedicated to the awareness and good-will use of Remote Viewing. We discuss many RV methods, including ARV, CRV, TRV, Remote Influencing, and more. Our members range from beginning students to RV experts. We welcome all levels of Remote Viewers, and also all schools of Remote Viewing.

GRILLFLAME is not in any way associated with the US Government Project codenamed "Grillflame". This site is purely a community of people who share an interest in, and/or have personal experience with all types of Remote Viewing.

GRILLFLAME does not offer any courses on Remote Viewing. However, as many of our members are current students or alumni of many various Remote Viewing schools, there is a vast amount of Remote Viewing information in our forums, ranging from:

  • how-to's
  • tips on avoiding Analytical Overlays (AOL's, i.e. "bad RV data")
  • differences between RV and other psi phenomena (OBE, Lucid Dreaming)
  • personal Remote Viewing experiences
  • weekly training targets (Target of the Week, TOTW)
  • Healing Group (using RV techniques / Reiki / Chios for the purpose of self-healing or healing others)
  • ...and more

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